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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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"Climate of Fear" Part 1
The Thing from Another World: Climate of Fear #1 (Dark Horse)
Script by John Arcudi
Pencils by Jim Somerville
Inks by Robert Jones (though mistakenly credited to Brian Garvey)
Cover by John Higgins


MacReady awakens after his ordeal on the sub.


Story Summary


Continuing from the end of "The Thing from Another World" Part 2, MacReady is found unconscious floating on a chunk of ice by the Argentines. They pick him up and take him back to the station, but one of their number straggles behind to help what appears to be an injured young seal. Of course, it turns out to be the Thing, which has also survived the sinking of the submarine from the previous story. The man is attacked and, presumably, assimilated, unknown to the rest of his group ahead of him.


Some time later, MacReady awakens in a paranoid state and fights his way out of the military-style hospital in which he finds himself. Outside, he realizes he is no longer in the Antarctic. He's informed by Dr. Viale that he's at an isolated base in Tierra del Fuego, moved there to save him from the severe frostbite from which he had been suffering after his night on the ice flow. MacReady remains paranoid and insists that no one touch him, while chastising the Argentines for having potentially brought the Thing in some form to the mainland. Viale tries to calm him and she tells him they are aware of the blood test and have all taken it and that they can contain any problem that should arise, due to the isolation of the station.


Later, MacReady becomes convinced that one or more of the sheep raised for meat on the base is one of the Things and begins shooting them. When the base personnel come out to investigate, he insists they bring gasoline so the bodies can all be burned. But MacReady is shot with a tranquilizer dart instead and taken back into the hospital.


The young cook at the base, Pablo, is assigned the task of salvaging whatever meat possible from the slaughter. While cutting through the sheeps' bodies, a young lamb walks up to him and is revealed as a Thing as its substance starts to invade the young man's body. The base personnel hear the commotion and come out to see the transformation taking place. Another soldier is grabbed up by the Thing as well. Finally, they dump gasoline on the Thing and ignite it with a flame thrower, destroying the creature. But they realize that, since none of the sheep had been in the Antarctic, the lamb must have been infected by someone who came up with them. But who is it?




Didja Notice?


The introductory narrative on the inside front cover of this issue recaps the events of The Thing and the mini-series The Thing from Another World. But it erroneously says that MacReady was the one to blow the sub's hatches (in "The Thing from Another World" Part 2) in order to destroy the Thing; it was actually Childs who did so.


On page 1, panel 1, one of the rescuers says in Spanish, "Aqui! Encontre a uno!" This means, "Here! I found one!" In panel 3, two others say, "Cuidado. No queres gopiarlo," and "Yo se lo que hago." These mean "Careful. Don't do anything gopiarlo," (I've been unable to translate the word "gopiarlo") and "I know what I'm doing." 


On page 2, a number of Spanish sentences are spoken:
  • "Maldita! Parece esta congelado."
"Hell! He seems frozen."
  • "Aparenta estar bobo."
"He must be crazy."
  • "Tenemos que llevarlo al campamento. Rapido!"
"We need to bring him to the camp. Quickly!"
  • "Ay, Pobresito. Talvez pueda romendarte..."
"Oh, poor little guy. Maybe you can romendarte..." (I've been unable to translate the word "romendarte".)
  • "Ah! Eres muy pesadito."
"Ah! You are very heavy."


The Thing emerging from the ocean water as a seal suggests that it assimilated one as it swam by the wreckage of the sub.


On page 4, one of the Argentines says, "Que diablos es su problema?" This is Spanish for "What the devil is your problem?"


On page 5, the doctor says, "Socorro! El Americano se ha vuelto loco!" This is Spanish for "Help! The American has gone crazy!"


Doctor Viale tells MacReady he's been relocated to a former military base 15 miles south of Bahia Thetis on the Tierra del Fuego peninsula. This is a real place, basically right on the tip of the South American continent. The region of Tierra del Fuego itself is controlled by Argentina and Chile.


On page 11, panel 3, we see that Dr. Viale has a bandage on her index finger, presumably an indication that she has recently gone through the blood test for Thingism.


On page 18, Pablo shouts, "Cono!" as he is being attacked by the Thing-in-sheep's-clothing. This is basically Spanish for "Damn!"


On page 20, Dr. Viale says, "Dios Mio!" This is Spanish for "My God!" 


Notes from Readers from Another World


Readers from Another World is the letters column that appeared in the various comic book mini-series of The Thing. In the lettercol of The Thing from Another World: Climate of Fear #2, editor Randy Stradley issues a correction stating that the inker for this issue (#1) was mistakenly credited as Brian Garvey when it should have been Robert Jones (who inked all four issues).


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